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Originally Posted by Timanator View Post
To be honest Thai, it's not a bad phone at all. It's just falls below my expectations for the GPS(Which I really would like to use more for Golf) and the whole Nexus thing is just a bit of a name game?
When i first got the Nexus S 4G in 11/2011 for my wife, i actually almost bought a 2nd one for me instead of iPhone. It was great initially...smooth. Then i started to use it more on a daily basis...then i realize what a POS it is.

What use is it as a SMART-PHONE if the antenna sucks for cell, GPS, and data?? It is a horrible phone because it can't pick up a cell signal. In my house, i can make calls with my iPhone...yet, the Nexus is searching for signal constantly...and the same story at my wife's workplace (which explains poor battery life, barely alive after 8 hours of basically standby!!). GPS is aweful. Data is the worst! How can Samsung or Google even let this phone past quality control??!! Unless i am standing right in front of the Wifi router, it drops data connection anywhere else!! WTF?! So, even with Wifi, this phone sucks battery because it can't find the damn signal! So, the whole concept of a phone that is smart fails.

Then you have the camera. Cool it has a flash, unlike ATT Captivate. Woohoo. WRONG. The picture quality is horrible...just horrible except in bright sunlight. Anything else, including any movement by user or people in the pic and the pictures fail miserably! My brother and I did a comparison. Took the same pic indoor of my niece. He has the Captivate and i have the Nexus S. No fighting chance. Not even close. The Captivate pics look amazing while the Nexus pics came out like a children's play camera!! So, somewhere along the line, Samsung/Google downgraded the hardware in the Nexus (sensor maybe?). Guess what? Samsung/Google pulled the same crap with the Galaxy Nexus (vs. Galaxy SII).

Software is buggy. Freezes frequently, even during phone calls!! Again, great phone, huh?! Rebooting is my wife's favorite thing nowadays to keep it running. She is tolerating it simply because she only text and make phone calls.

The ONLY thing that i like is the perfect sized screen (4.0"). But, this generation of SAMOLED colors are way too oversaturated. I must admit that this does not really bother me. BT phone works well. Thank goodness!
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