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Default Absolutely Awesome

It took some time with fidgeting and reading different info about the web, but finally got it working.

I realized it was a matter of being patience.

Tetherbot is a bit finicky and sometimes I need to start stop socks, or adb forward/kill-server a few times but when it works, it works flawlessly.

And the download rates I've gotten are impressive. I've seen as high as 106k.

And just got the port forward going with putty to my work machine and this is sweet. Very nice.

It does stop working at some point sometimes and takes many steps to get it back going again at times, but there are times when it has worked for hours flawlessly.

Am I going to get dinged by T-Mobile at some point? I am doing lots of downloading at the moment but that's only because I built a new machine and am installating/download my software.

Anyways, absolutely great program, and the key is patience.

I realized when I first tried and it didn't work i was simply because I had to go throught the steps in different orders to get it going.

So, with all that said, is there anything that will make this more 'stable'?

For what it does and the fact that it's my only net connection here where I live, I really have no complaints which warrant what I would call a glaring problem with the program that needs to be fixed.

I look forward to updates/changes/functionality.

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