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ROFL, Sir Stinckter! You know I was just yak-yak-yack'n about the left feets! explained it well. Its justmy left-side brain"s" malfunctioning! So you are saying you aint keepng them left and right hands to themselves when you are gitt'n on.dowm, tickling those "ebonirs and ivories"? You ar saying instead of playing all keys to your left with the.left hand and all keys to your right with only the right hand, you instead, are "going AC/DC" on those keys and striking those keys every which way like how I am neating this here drum?

Yup, proper etiquetts is just as you said. ....however....there have beeen some genius greats who play hand over hand as they gliiiiiide through their masterpiece melodies! So, you may be on to something at the onset ,

Take a few formal sessions with a.local instructor and then "let it flow" do what.comes natural and develop your personal compfy flow!
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