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Traded in my Thunderbolt for the Gnex Friday.

Awesome screen, makes watching Netflix movies a pleasure.
Not that they weren't also nice on the TBolt, but they are definitely better. I can see this screen outdoors much more easily than the Bolt. AMOLED is awesome!

ICS is pretty nice. I thought Gingerbread was completely awesome, so it's hard to improve on what's nearly perfect, but ICS I can honestly say is an improvement, though not a huge one.

I rooted and rommed mine yesterday, and I am running Liquid 1.1 Rom. I was running Liquid 3.2 on my Thunderbolt, and I am a big fan of those roms. This one didn't disappoint at all!

Has a nice feel in my hand now that I have a case on it. (Seidio Active with kickstand.)

Battery life is wonderful compared to my Thunderbolt. So I can't complain there.

Not as strong of a 4G or 3G signal as my Thunderbolt had in the same areas. It's not a huge problem since when I'm home i have wifi and when I am at work I have wifi, it's only on my commute that I need a good 4G signal and I have a good signal there. Mainly at home, before I would have 3 or 4 bars and now I have 1 or none.

Power button on the side is annoying. I had the Eris then the Incredible and then the Thunderbolt all with the power button on top, and so it just is really awkwad having it on the side now. I guess that's not a huge problem.

USB port on the bottom to me is dumb. It's a problem when my phone is on it's cradle on my desk at work unless I turn it on it's side and use the cases' built-in kickstand. But I don't like using my phone in landscape, never have. So that is annoying.

No kickstand versus my thunderbolt. I resolved this by getting a case with a built-in kickstand as I said.

No menu button by default and no option to add one without installing a 3rd party launcher or a Rom with one built-in.

Feel in my hand is thin and lightweight compared to the Thunderbolt which was thick and heavy. I had ordered my case from and I couldn't wait for it to arrive, because I kept worrying I was gonna drop my phone. It feels great now with the case.

Overall impression:
Great phone. I'll be happy with it for a long time.
Hopefully they will address the signal issues, and when they do I'll really have no complaints at all.
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