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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
actually,above when i said "fastboot mode" i did not mean to have fastboot checked in settings. what i meant was,to power on into hboot mode via power on/vol down. then select "fastboot" with the vol rocker and power button. this is another bootloader mode.

put your phone int that mode,and then start the .exe file.

also make sure your phone is charged to 100%.

i know you think youve double checked everything,and i hate to keep beating you up about it,but i have never,ever seen an htc phone simply not find PxxxIMG files when the conditions are right. i dont know what else to say,other than one of those 4 things i mentione above is still not right.

did the md5 of your PB31IMG for froyo match the one i listed?

you might check it on your sd card with an app called "scary aliens android file verifier" wich is available in the market. this will tell if yuve got a good file ready to flash.

on the .exe file...
try this:
open your cmd window,change to your mini-adb_inc directory,plug i the phone,charge only,usb debug on, and type
adb devices

then,if you get your serial number back,
adb reboot bootloader

the mode that it takes you to is the fastboot mode i described above(this is another way to get to it) and is a white screen with colored letters,much like hboot.

now type
fastboot devices

if you get your serial number back,then close your cmd window,and run the .exe file as administrator.
Ahh yes, I know of this white board, with colored words you mention.
And I did go there & do that & than run & rerun the RUU, as admin. All I was questioning was if after booting to fastboot, before running the RUU, if it mattered if fastboot was Than checked on or off. Now, I presume that once i toggle & chose fastboot, that it boots phone back up & than looks no different than when phone is booted without fastboot? If not, than yea i am missing something.
And yes, I checked the md5 of the image (Again today) & it matches the one you state on your tutorial.
I guess I could be one in a zillion that this doesn't work for. Though, I do doubt it & I am hanging on to that tiny string of hope. And I appreciate your patience in not giving up on me, as I know too well, how hard it can be to teach someone something, when you're not right there to see it for yourself.
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