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Originally Posted by mjbarry View Post
Hello Paxchristos:
(Little editing for brevity sake)
You know Paxchristos, it caught my attention, from an eariler remark that someone made about removing the bloaded apps on their phones, and then trying to do an update later, which in turns fail to do the update. If I am reading this right, big question mark, it appears that a certain app holdes the key to bring the phone back as it was when first bought. The million dollar question which one of these apps restore the phone back to it orginal state? I guess the next question, perhaps would be, why can't that app be fully restored like the other ones. I would imagine that sounds kind of crazy, but there could be some truth behind it. Just a thought, Paxchristos.

Nope, unfortunately, the update script is a pain in the butt, and literally checks for every single file that the phone came with, and does it a very weird hash check that I haven't figured out yet...

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