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Originally Posted by mjbarry View Post
Paxchristos: ok, you got me thining. I know that you done a lot, but have you actually done, so I do not do what you have already done. I need the files before and after the backup, and also the files after the root is done. Where can I obtain these files, Paxchristos?

My thinking is there is a possibility we are not getting not getting all the orginal files back after we deleted them, even though we have made a compelet backup of these files. I really need to study these files, and no doubt this will take time, probably a lot of time, but that is life in the fast lane.

Here's the raw update-script from the M070 update, lines ~1-1129 are the checks.

Originally Posted by jova33 View Post
i've never done a complete nandroid after rooting. first thing i do is delete all the bloat. if you find a way to root the M100 update, I have a brand new, never been used commando sitting right here just waiting to get rooted. then i'd be able to do a complete nandroid with nothing modified except the recovery.
I think what might be better than a nandroid is getting a shell root then doing a complete pull/img, from there I can turn the raw output into a nandroid. If you use nandroid to create a nandroid, recovery will be changed, and once again, update might fail.

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