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Originally Posted by batgeek View Post
this is not about player safety.

this is entirely about NFL policy, which was laid down 3 seasons ago, and has been on going and investigated though that entire time.

the Saints personnel lied. the Saints players lied. they got caught. just because every team likely has a similar conduct does not make it right in any way. EVERYONE was told it was to stop. 3 freakin' seasons ago. Saints got caught. Saints lied. Saints covered it up.

if they had just stopped when they were told to stop, they wouldn't be in this predicament now....would they?

and that's why the punishment is so harsh. the message was sent. do what we tell you to do, or else you're gonna get smacked down.
While I do think the punishment is VERY severe, I think the Saints really made things worse on themselves by lying about it to investigators after the fact.
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