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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
Dreadnatty and Antimony have not had a great last 24 hours. Something is in the air. I went to Starbucks and realized I forgot my wallet at home. No cash, no credit card, no license.

I have an old bag of peanuts in the trunk for lunch, I think.
Well that's a bunch of us with bad days

Yet ANOTHER stupid CFL burned out in my kitchen - that's 3 out of 6 in a year!

I am officially OVER CFLs. Just ordered 6 LEDs to replace them...

Plus the amplifier in my conversion van is letting the smoke out so no sound at all and the Darling Bride has a trip coming up - THAT needs repaired or replaced real quick.

Sure, it's not as bad as you guys, but I thought I'd chime in too.

At LEAST it's the weekend... for you guys anyway. As a retiree, every day's a Monday for me

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