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Originally Posted by TxGoat View Post
The biggest problem I have is the NFL used to market its "big hits" and that was one of the NFL's biggest draws. Hell, just look at all the NFL "Hardest hits" VHS tapes and DVDs that were available just a few years ago. The Best of Thunder and Destruction - NFL's Hardest Hits [VHS]: Various: Movies & TV

Now that players have decided to sue the NFL (with good reason since once you're exploited and run into the ground, I understand the care isn't what it used to be), the NFL is trying to minimize its liability.
Yeah, they used the huge hits to put them on the map with bits like 'Jacked up!' and similar and selling the prints of big hit moments and selling entire video collections of bone jarring hits and now, suddenly, they're 100% against all of it & we're supposed to believe they care about player safety just now. ORLY?
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