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Paxchristos: That file that you sent me a few days ago (March 23, 2012), I cannot open it to read it. My system states that there is a error.

If you recall what Spike had stated about the time and date change when root and unrooted, that you can not get the update on the Commando. Well I have found that the update from m70 to the m100 has changed the kernel version to and was different than what I had with the old phone. I have noticed that the android system files can not longer be seen as it was in the older verison (m70). This could be a very big problem depending on how it would be handled.

As it was stated eariler the backups are not going to do any good, eventhough you try to install them, after they have been deleted the first time, Spike already proved that aspect. Deleting the bloatware will most likely create problems when trying to restore the programs, there again the update could fail, because of the time and date.

My thinking about trying to create a root for this update (m100) is going to be a big headache and really not worth the effort. No sooner than you root this update, they in turn will patch it, like with windows whatever, and then you are back to square one, as we are now who have the upgrade (m100).
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