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Originally Posted by lostsoul1 View Post
thats what I dont get.. this android back up shit pisses me off and there is no end.. every time I see a way to get it done I run into a damn wall.. I cant believe how dumb and a pain a simple back up is..

I just did the ICS update, but I could not get in contact with the OTA severs for the last 3 days, so I did the RUU though HTC.. I figure ok.. I will lose everything but I have the contacts on the sim and Google play should reload everything... of course not!!!!!

I have the .csv on my sim for contacts.. and I cant import them.. cant find a thing.. then I go to google play and bam.. they have all the programs I picked right there.. I was so happy.. so I figire I will re-install them... I hit the install button and nothing... its grad out... I was WTF....

then of course I have to research and waste time.. then I see this from google play...

" Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. (happy right?)... then...

"Note: free applications are not saved to My Apps after you remove them."

but this is bull because I see ALL my apps there and 99% are free.. it just wont let me DL it again... so now I have to go and hunt them down... AHHH!!!!!!
If you head here, log in with your gmail account, that should have a list of every app you've ever installed (it does for me).

Also, copy the contacts csv to your PC, log in to the gmail account you associated with your handset on the PC, select Contacts, More, Import, then select the csv you've just copied over. Perform a sync on your handset, and all your contacts should appear.
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