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Originally Posted by brienj View Post
Well, I took the plunge and did this, and figured if it wouldn't un-root, I was hoping eventually it could be done, but to let you know, I successfully rooted and then un-rooted my Samsung Conquer 4G with Super-One-Click. I used v2.3.3, and can confirm it works both to root AND un-root the phone. Just curious why nobody has answered, or if it's considered a "dumb" question or something. Some people just haven't ever done this before, like me, but I am no idiot, that's for sure.

But YES, you CAN un-root your phone, at least I was able to ...
Thanks for the response, brienj. I work in IT, so this stuff doesn't scare me, but I am new to the Android world (recent iPhone convert). I figured I would rather ask dumb questions before I root than after.

I did get an answer on the Ting support forums as well; someone there confirmed that you can unroot the Samsung Conquer 4G with SuperOneClick, "so long as it's a newer version which has the zergRush exploit built in." Hopefully this thread is useful to someone else with the same question in the future.
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