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Originally Posted by TxGoat View Post
I've heard some people argue that based on the way our teeth are designed, that we're more meant to be herbivores. I think some people put a little too much emphasis on the whole, "The bible says we're supposed to have dominion over all animals on the planet" notion.

I heard Bill Clinton has gone vegan and has drastically increased his overall health. Then again, he used to eat at McDonalds, so just eliminating that probably added another 3-4 years to the end of his life (if he keeps the interns at arm's length).
Personally, I thought that script only meant that we are to care for the beasts, etc, etc, but not mistreat or harm them. I think of it every time I look into a helpless little pup's eyes as he licks my face or so excited that hes got some attention. As far as meat eating goes, it later says we could eat meat but to pour its blood out to the ground before eating.

You are right, I think we started out as leaning more that way each day. My pics lf the burgsrs just for fun. Actually all I eat now is seafood or some pork, like Stevie59 said,...ive all but given up on red meat
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