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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
Personally, I thought that script only meant that we are to care for the beasts, etc, etc, but not mistreat or harm them. I think of it every time I look into a helpless little pup's eyes as he licks my face or so excited that hes got some attention. As far as meat eating goes, it later says we could eat meat but to pour its blood out to the ground before eating.

You are right, I think we started out as leaning more that way each day. My pics lf the burgsrs just for fun. Actually all I eat now is seafood or some pork, like Stevie59 said,...ive all but given up on red meat

I like seafood and poultry, although poultry is typically mistreated as well. I won't touch Shrimp though since they're bottom feeders and I once got deathly sick from a plate of Shrimp Alfredo that had me losing over 20 lbs in a week. I was violently throwing up (out of BOTH ends) for that whole week.

Originally Posted by TheBrit View Post
We're omnivores...we're supposed to have a varied diet. Going vegan means you will miss out on essential nutrients unless you take supplements.
I don't think we're "supposed" to have any type of diet. I think the human body does a great job of adapting to what foods it has access to, hence the reason some people can live off of stuff like Mac n Cheese or Ramen. Below is a good example of someone that doesn't have a "varied diet" and actually only eats 1 meal a day. I suspect he's in better health than a lot of people that have that variety that you speak of.

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