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Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
I have no idea how Raising Hope stays on the air. Horrible show. Never seen a single episode of the Simpsons and I don't feel like I've missed anything either. Glee...well, I stopped watching it after they started pushing their homosexuality agenda. If that's the path you take in life, that's fine (well, not really but it isn't my place to judge) and I won't think less of you at all. I have good friends that are homosexual. However, don't push it on a show that a lot of kids watch to make it look cool. Same with Pretty Little Liars on ABC "Family".


Speaking of NBC and canceling shows that they shouldn't....whatever happened to Outsourced and why isn't the Playboy Club still on air. Actually enjoyed both of those.

Man, I cannot agree more. I can't stand Glee. As far as the homosexuality thing goes, I refuse to judge anyone for their paths in life; I'm not the one who sets any standards for human behavior. But I don't like how people who express views against homosexuality are termed as "haters" or on the same level as a racist or something. If you want one group of people to have free expression, why can't another? Sheesh.

Outsourced was pretty good. I think they were stupid to put Community, one of their best shows, on hiatus for 30 Rock, a show that once was funny but is now stupid.

You're not missing anything with the Simpsons. It was funny for about 10 years. Now it's just tired and boring.
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