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Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post
If you no longer want to be subscribed you can long press on the thread from the list and a menu will pop up with an option to unsubscribe.
I do hope you stay though as the points above are just expressing opinions and are not attacks or put downs.
I don't want to derail this thread into an argument about homosexuality, religion, nature vs nurture, etc, and the only way I know to avoid doing that is to leave. It's opinion to them, but it's survival to me. People who don't believe homophobia is as bad as racism, people who think that it's a choice, that there is a "homosexual agenda" or that it's even possible to change someone (in either direction) are the reason that kids are dying. They're the reason I almost didn't survive high school - and I don't mean by my own hand. They're the reason I still carry scars 15 years later, and I'm talking about the physical scars.

So it's really just best if I go. And try not to participate in other threads with the people who exprss these opinions. It's sad, really, as I have really been enjoying these forums, and I suspect I will enjoy them less now.
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