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Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
Sorry I offended you. I have nothing against that community, it's a personal conviction based on Biblical principles that it is wrong. However, no more wrong than lying, stealing, cursing, watching pornography, etc. I just get tired of seeing agendas promoted on mass TV period. It's a TV show made for entertainment, not to push a political agenda. I feel it's inappropriate for children to watch something that is designed by adults to make certain choices OK or seem cool. I also have a problem with TV shows promoting pre-marital sex and drug/alcohol use, especially the ones that involve teens. If it's adults, it's a different story, but teens are very much influenced by what they see on TV, especially if it's other teens doing the influencing.

That being said, I really would hate to see you go. Definitely didn't mean to say anything to run anyone off.
OK, this is exactly my point. Your Biblical principles don't get to define how anyone else lives. Being gay is not a choice or a behavior, and certainly cannot be equated with drinking, smoking, lying, cheating and so on, and the fact that you can't see that makes me doubt what little faith in humanity I actually have. And then to turn around and tell me that you consider me to be equivalent to someone who lies cheats steals uses drugs and tries to promote those things to children while also saying you didn't t mean to offend me and don't want me to go makes you the worst kind of hypocrite.

Now does everyone see why it's best if I just go? I shouldn't have even commented, i was just trying to figure out how to get the thread out of my participated tab.
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