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Been a long time since I've had to use that one.

OK - so here's the thing: no one comes to get their feelings hurt and I don't think that anyone tried to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose - but that is what has happened.

I'm not going to get into majorities or religions or biology or anything else.

I'm just going to give a nudge about the rules.

They amount to this - please be polite.

If anyone wants to judge anyone - fine. Take that to the Politics section as suggested earlier by Frisco.

If anyone wants to explain their position further - please reconsider and maybe don't do that. A polite explanation from one person can really be heard honestly as a hateful reminder of a bigger issue in life.

This is a good place for us to all escape - in fact, I took a picture of it a while back:

Nobody was eating anyone or pushing their idea of the watering hole.

Please do that as best you all can, I think it's the polite way to hang together.

Cheers, many thanks - and sorry to shout, but this is kinda important, ok?
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