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Originally Posted by redsmurf View Post
The sad fact is that as of the time of this writing, the topic has 3,876 views and 0 solutions. Obviously, a lot of people are having this problem - it is the #1 result for the search "low on space" on Google for the time being.

It is not limited to the LG Vortex, either. See here, here, and here for 3 examples I found in another search. These 3 links are just scratching the surface to a problem with topics appearing to amass by the hundreds, all with the same temporary solution: clear your cache.

I should not be forced to clear my cache (a temporary workaround) for my phone to operate. I am literally unable to text or use many applications when this error occurs. I will take my service to another smart phone. For an entry level smart phone, I expected the LG Vortex to be a more stable device since it has fewer bells and whistles. None of my friends have had any issues with their iPhones, and I am rather satisfied with my iTouch - I'll likely be taking my service to the iPhone platform. I will miss the haptic feedback and third party keyboards, but having a functional and reliable phone more than makes up for it.

With hardware made by LG and an OS made by Google, both companies point fingers at one another. What the above links confirm is that the "Low on Space" is an Android OS problem, not merely an LG Vortex problem. I'm not going to risk buying a high-end smartphone and suffer from the same stupid error. I have an SD memory card with over 1.5 GB of storage and over 20 MB of internal memory - this is simply unacceptable.

Consider the problem unsolved, as the manufacturers are silent on this issue and apparently apathetic to a problem affecting thousands of users.

Actually, I don't know if that is THE solution. I just rooted my phone and use link2sd so I maintain 70+MB free space and I don't get the error anymore
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