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Originally Posted by Heathe1 View Post
Per Verizon, my aircard plan is subject to "Network Optimization" just as 3G phones on unlimited data plans are, but has a higher threshold before Network Opt is applied, which explains 9 GB. I guess it's still a better deal than the 10gig for 80 plan. It's fine if I keep it under 9 GB, but if it hits that 9 gig limit (on my unlimited plan) It's completely useless for 2 months, since they throttle for not just the rest of the cycle, but through the NEXT billing cycle as well.

Throttling is absolutely necessary in densely populated areas, lacking adequate coverage. Or, they could throw up another tower or two if they see that an area is on overload. True, it takes time to get approval and actually construct the tower, and true, it takes money. I don't feel sorry for a company that turns billions in profit per quarter though. They have more than enough money to provide better capacity and coverage in the lacking areas. It's not time to give up on the EVDO network, as it will be around for many years to come.

So yes, throttling is necessary in some areas, but should only be used as a band-aid while they actually fix the underlying problem...then only throttle true abusers of the network (i.e. 150 GB month after month) as any robust network can handle 20-30 GB per user/per month w/ no problems. At the current 30/2 gb plan, they're making over 90% profit, not to say they shouldn't make money, they must to sustain and expand themselves, but how about not being so damn greedy, and not sticking it to people so bad?
I average under 1 GB on my phone a month, but when I am off work, on vacation, or occasionally just bored I use it a lot more. I've had 15-20 a month on my phone, I didn't cause the network any problems.

It's all about greed and money, there are network oversaturation issues in less than 20% of the areas Verizon Wireless serves, and they punish 100% of their older, loyal customers that have had Unlimited Data since before it was cool to have unlimited data.
You seem to have not understood the purpose of the mobile broadband plan. It isn't home internet. Based on the numbers you are putting up I can only guess you are trying to use it as home internet. It is supposed to be for use when you are on the go and don't have access to your home wifi, public wifi, or your work's wifi.

I don't understand where you are getting your figures from or why you think the network can handle that much. IMO most consumers would agree that 9 GB monthly is excessive and many more would agree that 20-30 is excessive.

Even home based mobile network ISP like Clearwire have throttling caps when subscribers hit somewhere between 7 - 10 GB

I personally think the best solution to your problem is switching to a non-mobile based ISP. Mobile networks are subject to throttling and not subject to things like net neutrality. If you switch to a dedicated home based ISP you will have to worry about data caps around 250 GB monthly but not dealing with throttling caps. You may end up paying a little more per month but IMO you would have a better user experience by going to another ISP.

Just my 2 Good luck with this regardless of what you decide to do
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