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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Well, the government is to represent the people, and be made up of the people etc. Thus the only way for people get such large scale things done is via the government.
Wrong! Want to hurt a corporation, don't buy their product. That will affect them a lot faster than waiting for the government to intervene.
Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Give corporations LESS influence in government, and the problem would be somewhat alleviated.
Ok, that I agree with.
Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
If you suggest individuals create and enforce such regulations, you end up with a regulatory nightmare completely non-conductive to business, on par with the infamous License Raj.
I'm not suggesting that at all. I'm suggesting that individuals (and groups of individuals) can identify problems and make them known to the public. The public can react accordingly. Want an example of that in practice? Ever heard of the Better Business Bureau? How about Consumer Reports?
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