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Originally Posted by ylexot View Post
Wrong! Want to hurt a corporation, don't buy their product. That will affect them a lot faster than waiting for the government to intervene.
Ok, that I agree with.

I'm not suggesting that at all. I'm suggesting that individuals (and groups of individuals) can identify problems and make them known to the public. The public can react accordingly. Want an example of that in practice? Ever heard of the Better Business Bureau? How about Consumer Reports?
There will always be people who dont know/dont care. People power can work, but it seems to fail with regards to foods and consumer goods more often than not (Not that I've statistics, heh).

Thats fair enough! And sometimes the industry will take action themselves - but if you want to prevent it more permanently, you're looking at government intervention. If something like that is so prevelant, then I would reckon the tempatation will always be there for those who want to make a quick buck.
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