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Originally Posted by MrFlipside View Post
HOWEVER, if the charging circuits fail, a battery failure could occur if the device is connected to a charger at the time. So, in this failure mode, it would be safer to disconnect the device once a full charge is reached. I would imagine that this failure mode is VERY uncommon, and if it were to be experienced, the entire device would be lost. Lithium battery fires (from overcharging) are all over the internet...

I would imagine that the legal department is involved with the notification message on the screen, and that because of this, there will be no way to defeat it.
I agree, and it is my opinion that this annoying feature is tacit admission by samsung that this is a possibility. Seems almost counterproductive. Since the most recent upgrade, the former workaround no longer works.

This is just one more stupid thing you have to keep in mind before buying a phone. Who would have thought that a manufacturer would put something like this in a phone, with no option to disable.

I hate this phone for this reason (that and the crappy battery life), and will not be buying another Samsung.
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