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Default Rage of Bahamut - General Discussion

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General Rage of Bahamut thread!

What advices can you give? what are your best cards?

For those who still aren't playing it,it's a battle card game ON ANDROID, where you do quests, help out your fellows, fight big bosses, trade, evolve and enhance cards.

I'm simply so addicted to this game, i think all of you should try it.

I can give you a referral code which will give you 100 000 gold and a rare card which will help you to advance faster and get an easier start.

It takes a day to figure out everything, but the game is really great.

Referral code( you're not obligated to put one, but it will help you, you have one chance to put it, and it's after the tutorial) : [Removed]

My advices: it's best when you enhance the card after you got it to the final form (evolving it 4 times)
I think raising the DEF is stupid, since attackers can only take your gold , and you can protect your treasures with magic circles.
And you should be in a order since that makes finding fellows easier and you will get a lot of bonuses.
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