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I use an Evo View now and like it, but playing with the 8.9 made me think it's the way to go, and I also picked it up with the BB deal along with a few RZ certs. Would love to see a transformer like laptop dock for this, but their keyboard dock will suffice for now.

I'm annoyed they're at 2.5a to charge when the rest of the tabs are at 2.1 and none of my 2.1 chargers seem to charge it well as I get the stupid red X in the battery icon. I'm actually more than annoyed. I'm tired of buying charging adapters. And we're talking OEM ones from Dell and Palm, all greater than 5v and at 2.1a.

Wish there were more slim cases besides the belkin. The Acase/Blurex ones aren't bad, but they are thicker than the Belkin. I did pick up the rotating case. It's not bad. Just wish it was a touch thinner. Hate to make the svelte 8.9 any thicker than it has to be.

One plus with the rotating case is you an use the card or usb connection kit while it's in a viewing position in the case, you just rotate the bottom to the top. So that's convenient at least.

The other issue is the MTP issue or the lack of MSC. There are a lot of apps and kits that use an MSC connection to read or sync. Don't know how I can get Docs to Go's desktop app to sync to the 8.9 now and will have to resort to dropbox or sugarsync. dropbox would require me to completely rearrange my file structure, and sugarsync starts from scratch every time I wipe the slate, flash a rom or what not.
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