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No offence, but...

I still can't believe this guy.

He claims to "have access to the Incredible 4G", repeatedly says the word "confirmed" but offers no verifiable "confirmation".
There is no way in heck I would claim to have something like this IN HAND without snapping a photo of it. Do we not have boundless access to cell cameras, digital cameras, web cams, etc?! If you were privileged enough to have a DInc4 IN HAND, dont you think you would also be savvy enough to figure out a way to take a photo? I know three year olds that know how to take pictures.

Confirmed, we are foolish for believing this line of *ahem* you-know-what.

Originally Posted by sdrawkcab25 View Post
Pictures or it didn't happen...
Originally Posted by today View Post
... No proof? No truth.
By the way,
I will happily retract these statements and apologize if he posts some independent proof very soon.
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