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Originally Posted by Twiglet73 View Post
I am having the same problem and am totally disappointed, frustrated and angry. My X10i over a period of weeks would not charge properly unless you held the charging lead in a certain position. One night last month I put it on charge when I went to bed the next morning it wont turn on at all, just a flashing red light. I even tried my partners fully charged battery, NOTHING. I phoned Orange Customer service who informed me my phone was covered under the Sony Manufacturers Warranty, send it to the SE Repair Centre and they will diagnose, fix it and send it back. On Friday I was mortified when I received a letter from the repair centre saying that Physical Damage/Broken phone, I could sign an authority to destroy my handset or PAY TEN POUNDS TO GET MY HANDSET SENT BACK TO ME BROKEN???!! I am so upset I know 100% I have not dropped this phone so I phoned the repair centre who state they have a photo showing internal damage to the USB Charging Port, Internal, looks fine from outside. I have read pages and pages and pages of this being a common fault. The repair centre basically said as its part of the main board its not worth fixing?? Yet on other sites I have read other conflicting information. I am so upset. I have sent a complaint to Sony, it seems like anything to get out of repairing or replacing it. My contract is not due for renewal till November and quite frankly after this I will be waving goodbye to Orange as my provider of 15 years and steering clear of Sony phones.

You copy and pasted the same crap in 3 different posts.

Please don't do that.

Anyone who would buy another Sony made phone is crazy.

But at the same time. Anyone with a busted charging port broke the port themselves. Most likely trying to charge the phone.

If a replacement battery won't work too, then it isn't just the charging port.
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