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Originally Posted by kanaida View Post
If it wasn't enough that we had to *fix* the lg esteem when we got it just to get it working right, now I got the connect and it overheats during normal use like playing games for 15 mins. or some people say charging. I'm not letting them screw us again, i'm about to try to negotiate with them to see what I can do to get this fixed, recalled, redesigned etc... If that breaks down I will see what other avenues I can take. I'm really tired of getting screwed out of $$$ because of their mistakes.

Please sticky this if you can so other people don't accidentally have to go through what i'm about to.

In the top left you can see the temp: 136F/57.8C, The warning pops up around 135F (It's hard to get a screenshot cause it's a popup message box). Temperature keeps rising too, but I didn't want to damage it or have a battery explode on me so I killed all the tasks and put it in front of my AC to cool off.

UPDATE: It says right on the battery not to exceed 40C/104F

Although I have not figured out how to get a screen print by hitting home and power at the same time (it may be making one I just do not know where it is stored), I was playing a game one of the folk here recommended and in a rather short time it was over 45 degrees and within 40 minutes it was 51. Where does it say the battery should not be over 40 ?

I did take photos with my regular camera but do not know how to get them to you here..
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