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Originally Posted by Madrox17 View Post! Total newb here trying to prevent bricking my NFC chip. It may already be too late, but I figured I'd come ask for advice before doing anything else.

I used WugFresh's utility to unlock/root my phone last week. After doing some reading, I decided to try a CM9 Kang that I found on RootzWiki as my first custom ROM.

I read about the secure element issue before the wipe required to unlock/root my phone, and cleared the payment data out of Wallet. I was able to set it back up post-root with no issues. However, I did NOT think to do it once again before flashing this custom ROM. The ONLY thing I've done since booting CM9 up for the first time is install Titanium Backup and start restoring my app backup. The only reason I thought of this was that I saw Wallet flash by during the restore progress. I instantly got that feeling in my stomach and knew that I screwed up.

I have not opened Wallet. Is there ANY way to ever open it again without bricking my NFC chip and getting the dreaded secure element warning? I did not do a Nandroid backup specifically the way I've read how to do it (wasn't really that worried about the settings of my phone) but I did use RomManager to make a backup right before I rebooted into CWM to flash the ROM. From what I've read elsewhere, maybe by using ROM Manager to do the backup, it did the same thing as a Nandroid? Does that mean it's possible for me to restore that backup and escape the secure element error since I've never fired up Wallet?

Hope this makes sense. I use Wallet several times a week, and am both terrified and furious at myself for making such a newbie mistake and possible disabling one of my favorite features of my Nexus.
A couple of things:

some nitpicks: This does not brick your nfc chip. It merely disables the secure element in it. Things like beam or just reading tags still work.

Real info:
Doing a backup in ROM manager is the exact same as a nandroid. Not as in they look alike and maybe work the same, but as in ROM manager boots into recovery and actually does a nandroid. So despite your lack of actually having done a backup, you have one (you got lucky ).

You need to understand where the problem comes from. It is when the card data (not payment log...that is NOT stored on the secure element) that is being used to charge your account is left on and then GW tries to make new card data, thus throwing errors everywhere (this is a very simplified description). It does not happen every time, so you may actually be safe. However, to be certain, restore the backup (the one that you had used wallet with), clear data through the wallet app, and then either reflash a backup of CM9 that you make now, or just reflash the ROM. That will ensure that there is no info on the secure part of the nfc chip to cause problems. note that this problem is not completely understood yet, so there are really no guarantees.

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