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Originally Posted by pcube View Post
Type this code, [Removed]at end of the tutorial to get the above goodies. You MUST type anybody's referral code before you exit the tutorial at the end, or you will miss the only chance. So I hope at least someone will use my referral code so that I can get a card too. You can find and add me, pcubep.

There are 3 main attributes that players have to balance between.
1) Attack (affect the number and power of the cards you can use for battle)
2) Defence (affect the cards you assign for defence)
3) Stamina (for questing - 1 stamina used = 1 xp gained usually)

1) Whenever you level up, your attack power and stamina power will be recharged.
It may not be easy to control your stamina usage at the start due to limited cards, but you can try to maximize the use of attack power and stamina, i.e. use up your attack power (by Battling others or by fighting Cyclops bosses in Attack of the Giants) before you quest to level up. Also, you can time when you level up more carefully so that you make the most effective use of your stamina, i.e. if you have 6 stamina and only need 1 more xp to level up, you can solve a 6 stamina quest to use up all the stamina instead of solving a 1 stamina quest to utilize all your stamina and then get a full bar again.

2) You can evolve cards to a stronger/final form before using them to enhance the target card so that the target card gains more levels than if you used basic cards.
Like androidsome, I have also been using 4th form cards as feeders for enhancing my target card. From my records, I feel that there is very little difference between using a low power card (2) vs a high power card (6 to 11). There is only a small increase in level (2 to 3) and a large increase in rupies spent. For instance, I enhanced 2 angelic knights as shown below:
Level 10 cards total power rupies spent
1 -> 18.28 66 5650
1 -> 16.09 30 4850
Considering the fact that higher power cards require more stamina, and I only used 3 stamina to get a 3 power card, it would be better to use 4th form low power cards as feeders for enhancement.
Also, it seems that trying to enhance any additional card requires more feeders. I.e. I used a total of 90 powers worth of cards to max out my 1st angelic knight+ but 113 for my 2nd angelic knight.

3) If you decide to keep a card and want it to be extremely strong, you can enhance the card to max level before evolving it. e.g. Evolve 2 x lvl 20 demon card to get +10% stats instead of +5% (non max level evolving).

Here are some findings I have obtained from evolving the strongest possible 4th form goblin in the game.
8 x max level (20) goblin -> 4 x max level (20) goblin+ -> 2 x max level (20) goblin++ -> max level (30) 4th form goblin
Attack: 2350 (5.34 times of base damage 440)
Defence: 1710 (5.34 times of base defence 320)
However, if you simply evolve 8 goblins without leveling them, I 'guess' it would be:
Attack: 2024
Defence: 1472
My guess comes from looking at various maximum level 4th form cards which have a ratio of ~4.6. Interestingly, it does not matter if the card's maximum level is 30 or 40, that ratio is still roughly 4.6.
Based on the small ratio difference of 0.7, it might be more worthwhile if a player chooses a high power card to start leveling instead of leveling low power cards UNLESS he wants to minimize his attributes points spent in defence.
Moreover, for attacking purposes, it would make more sense to choose high power cards.

You would be correct about gains from using 8 enhanced 1st forms to evolve into your final 4th form. When I first started playing I decided to experiment using a low level card. I used Cu Sith. By evolving the 8 together into one and then enhancing, she maxed out at 1680 attack. By enhancing first at each level and then evolving, I ended up with an attack of 1924. A 14.5% gain.....
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