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Default A Few improvements to standard apps and one new.

Printer App:
With all the new Printers being capable of IP/Ethernet connection and/or WiFi I think some one needs a app that allows printing. Maybe even allows printing via windows printer shares, like Printer Share but it is lacking in the way it hooks into other apps. I don't know how you make a service global so that things like Doc's to go and the browser can use it. But that is a needed app for me. I know with windows you just create a new printer and use a TCP/ip port ect.

For Browser:
Someone needs to figure out how to have folders in the bookmarks, and make it so it remebers where you were when it crashes. Mozilla and saddly the Iphone both do this. My friends Iphone can make folders in the bookmarks and when you power down and reboot the pages that were open are still open. Oh and the darn thing doesn't need to refresh the page every time you turn on the back lite/ bring it out of sleep, That drives me nuts when your on a slow connection looking for something like directions and the phone goes to sleep and you wake it and it finished but now has to refresh to allow you to go to the next page.

For the Maps:
It needs a overlay that can be moved but is trasparent and mostly non-obstructive. In the overlay it needs to have the ability to add/remove these and more; Current Speed. Heading. Elevation. Distance to Destantation. Distance to next Waypoint (Turn).
Also The new one has a nice Arrow head that tells you your direction but It only works if you are moving. it uses the GPS to determin your heading. That is fine but it takes a minute and requires GPS to have signal. I think that fiirst it should use the compass then switch to the more accurate GPS when it has a lock. It needs to allert you when you are near the next way point... like all other GPS units. Even VZnav does this. You should have auto-remap when you pass a turn. It needs to have the ablitly for a person to alter the rought given by the app. Maybe I don't want to take that highway....

Oh and I saw another post about this and it is right on: The map should move with the arrow pointing north always. I am constantly having to rotate my phone or I end up turning left when it should be right because I'm heading south but the top of my map is north. This could be a option to turn on/off also...

Folder/App lock, Password protect certain files/folders/apps.
Improve the copy Text. it isn't bad now but using my finger to highlight tiny text on the screen I end up missing a bunch. maybe using the track ball and a key combo, like someone else said.
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