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Originally Posted by scary alien View Post
Just a friendly reminder guys that its okay to cut-block the issues but not the members .


Chop blocks are illegal. I'm going to have to suspend you from the AFL (Android Football League) for 1 year and no soup(er bowl) for you!

Back to the topic though, I remember in school, all the way up through high school, we were taught to get into the backfield, strike the QB, RB, FB as hard as we can. We weren't told to take cheap shots, but we were taught to grind the opposing player into the dirt. You had to make the QB hear footsteps, make the RB and FB run around with happy feet wondering where the next big blow was coming from.

Sadly, IMO what's happening is we're living in a society that's hopped-up on too much estrogen. We're being told that corporal punishment is too violent. Everyone gets a blue ribbon now. Don't stare down your opponent or we'll get you for taunting, but it's ok if you want to express your feelings to him. Even this place has been a bit infected. Site rules that seem to inhibit the slightest sarcasm, and calling out each other's posts, well that's just outright barbaric. Eventually, our society is going to be so whipped that even Mr. Rogers would say "You *$&!ies!"
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