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Originally Posted by akita View Post
Silly question but between Rezound and this phone, which is the better phone overall? This is for my wife so she doesn't care about overclocking, specs, etc. She just wants something that will let her go on the internet, check email, text, maintain her calendar/appts, have good battery life, and play the occasional game on. Ive read some of the reviews on Verizon's website for the Rezound and the negatives seem to be poor battery life, freezes/crashes, reboots and there aren't many reviews on the Lucid to make a real comparative decision
Have her go to the store and play around with both of them. You can do all the spec comparison you want, but until you hold the phone and mess around with the interface, you won't know which is "better". Verizon commercials are marketing the Lucid as the "easy to use smartphone", but there's really nothing "easier" about it than any other Android phone.

My wife-to-be has the Rezound and has had very few gripes since she upgraded from the original Droid (which she complained about all the time). I'm more comfortable with it because I'm familiar with the Sense UI being an Incredible owner, but I just can't get over the size of the Rezound. It may be the technically superior phone, but I think I'm leaning toward the Lucid for my next phone because when I held it in my hand it felt comfortable and maybe I'll just have to get used to the different UI. Or just root and use a ROM I'm more comfortable with .
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