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Really have to agree with fuzzy13. And i honestly had an iphone before, and ill tell u what... i ****ing hated it. Despised it. It would constantly lag, no matter what i did. I jailbroke it, and it was better, but not by much. The 3g was HORRIBLE, Internet flicked all over the place and sometimes would refresh a page by itself and id lose w.e i was doing which got extremely annoying especially after typing a paragraph or two in one message and then its gone right before i send it. Always had horrible reception with Iphone, and no real room for improvement unless i bought a brand new iphone which the only difference is a ****ing processor. I bought a droid, learned some linux 101, and now my droid is my favorite thing in the world. Then rooted and applied some ram tweaks and kernel tweaks and i dont have to managr my ram anymore. Phone does it on its own, and it doesn't murder battery and it flies. Im emulating legend of zelda orcarina of time on 1ghz playing against ganondorf with no lag. With the iphone i couldnt type in the name of the file without lag. So ya, screw the iphone. Love my droid. Thank you Google for being better.
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