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Default How To Root VM Samsung Intercept FROYO 2.2.2 (Easy Way) {Updated 6/24/12}

Hey guys! I am going to be showing you how to root your Samsung Intercept VM the easy way! I have listed the download links towards the bottom of the post!


InterceptRoot.apk (Android App) (ROM) (ROM) (ROM) (ROM) (Kernel) (Kernel) (ROM) (Kernel) (ROM) (Recovery Mode)
All the files should take about 550 megabytes! This is a rather LARGE folder to download but you do get a bunch of different ROMS and even get all the STOCK stuff in case you want to UNROOT!! Download link will be at the bottom of the page! If you would like to help contribute, make a Mirror of the link for me and post it in the reply box! I could not find many websites that let you upload 550 megabytes for Free!

Follow the steps below on how to root the Samsung Intecept! NOTE:::: I have not tried this on the Sprint version so if you are on sprint DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Step 1: Download and install the InterceptRoot.apk on your Intercept!

Step 2: Open the app and click "Permanent Root". It should take about 2-10 minutes to root and reboot!

Step 3: Open the app again and click on "Flash CM01 Recovery". This should only take 30 seconds! If it worked right it should reboot into the recovery mode!

Step 4: Go to "Mounts And Storage" and click Mount USB Drive!

Step 5: Transfer the BROM or any other ROM and the Crap_Kernel1.5!

Step 6: Unmount and go to "Wipe". You need to click "Format Cache"!

Step 7: Go to "Install Zip From SD Card". Now install the Crap_Kernel1.5! Then you can reboot into system!

Step 8: Go back to Recovery Mode...(Volume Down, Call Send, Call End).

Step 9: Install ROM! **NOTE** If you are installing a ROM with the 1% battery mod DON'T Wipe Cache or Factory Reset because it will make it BOOTLOOP! The 2 ROMS that i have included that have that 1% Battery Mod is the BROM_1.3.1 and Ubunto6.0. The rest of the ROMS you need to Factory Reset and Wipe Cache!

Step 10: Reboot to system! The first boot may take about 5-12 minutes! Don't worry if you read the message above then it should not BOOTLOOP!

Q. When I Booted into the ROM it just force closes everything!
A. Flash back Stock...NOT STOCK RECOVERY!! And then retry the steps again!

Q. I have a continuous BootLoop!!!
A. If you did not read the message above then that is probably why you BootLooped it!! All you have to do is Re-Flash the Crap_Kernel1.5 and then Flash the stock rom and the try to flash the Custom ROM again!

Q. When I go to boot into the system it just goes to a black screen with nothing!
A. You just SEMI-Bricked it! But not to worry, it is very easy to fix! All you have to do is Flash the Stock Kernel, Stock Rom, And Stock Recovery and retry the WHOLE process over again!

Q. My Intercept is completely UNRESPONSIVE and I cannot get back to Recovery Mode!
A. Well you just BRICKED your phone! There is only 1 way to fix that and that is to try and use the SWUpgrade tool to fix that. I am not going into detail about that so just YouTube it and you should find something!

Download All The Files Here:

If there are any other questions or if you are having a problem that I did not leave in the FAQ then just comment below! I do constantly check my threads! Please read below on IMPORTANT information that you need to know about rooting your phone!


When you root your phone you may void any warranty that you have! I have not had any problem with that so far on Virgin Mobile but I do think that Sprint's Intercept will void the warranty when rooted!! When you go to install a ROM make sure that the ROM you are installing is for YOUR DEVICE!! If you install a Sprint ROM on a VIRGIN MOBILE Intercept it will change your BASEBAND...Your BASEBAND is required for 3G, Wifi, and GPS! And you cannot change your baseband back after it has been altered! So if you are having problems with your 3G connectivity or your WIFI or even your GPS you need to check your BASEBAND by going into the settings and clicking "ABOUT PHONE" and look for BaseBand! If you are on Virgin Mobile the baseband should say EC07! If you are on Sprint then it should say DL05! If it says anything other than that then basically you got yourself a $100 paperweight! Also another thing that you should take into consideration is Flashing or Porting ROMS from other Devices such as an HTC Thunderbolt which is a Sense 3.0 device! It would be very hard and difficult to do that! And if you some how do get this to be ported it will be very slow because the Intercept can barely run the 2.2 FROYO! It would be much easier to port another ROM with 2.2 on it! But also know that if you fail doing this you can BRICK up your phone for good! Most of the ROMS for the Intercept are trying to make the Intercept FASTER and make the Battery Life Better!! And the BROM has definitely done so! So it really does make sense to Root this device! Also the kernel Crap_Kernel1.5 makes this device Wifi Tether USABLE! The original stock kernel does not support Wifi Tether!! THERE IS ONLY ONE THING THAT I HIGHLY SUGGEST BEFORE YOU ROOT YOUR DEVICE! YOU NEED TO HAVE WARRANTY ON YOUR PHONE BECAUSE THIS PHONE ALTHOUGH I POSTED AN EASY WAY TO DO IT, IS STILL A HARD PHONE TO ROOT! WHEN I TRIED TO ROOT MY FIRST INTERCEPT I BRICKED IT UP AND I HAD VIRGIN MOBILE SEND ME ANOTHER ONE!! SO IF YOU BRICK UP THE PHONE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HAVE THEM SEND YOU ANOTHER ONE!!
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