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Part of the problem is that no matter how much people claim they hate Congress, they go out and re-elect them. I've seen years where people give Congress an approval rating of like 30%. Then they go out and re-elect like 80% of them. One of two things is going on. Either voters are stupidly voting for people they hate (entirely possible) or the other parties can't run anyone who's better than the incumbent (also possible.) Ugh.

What happens is local people like their congressman but hate everyone else's congressman. Take that bonehead congressman that apologized to BP when the President lashed out at them for the Gulf oil spill, most of the country was like "WTF is that guy apologizing for? Is he really kissing up to the oil industry after that oil spill?" He's one of the local politicians here. For some reason the people in his district STILL love him and he'll probably be re-elected. People will also re-elect the politicians that bring pork spending to their district.