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Originally Posted by nick2k View Post
BIG reason on why not having a removable battery option is just insane on HTC's & Sprint's part: What happens when the CHARGING PORT BREAKS? Which it will. How exactly are we supposed to charge those expensive paperweights of a phone, HTC/SPRINT?! Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly. Think!
Well I guess you probably shouldn't be buying HTC phones then if you're so jinxed. Especially since you already know that the charging port in a phone you've never touched WILL break. You must have companies breaking down your door trying to hire you for your psychic product testing abilities.

My launch day EVO 4G might as well have a non-replaceable battery as I've only taken it out once back when I changed the SD card way back in 2010. Good thing I got the one charging port that didn't break.
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