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Default mame4droid flip video?

Talking of mame4droid.. Anyone know how to corectly edit the ini or config file to get the video to flip in either the x or y axis so you can view the games as a mirror image (yes I've built a tiny holloseum).
The command appears to be:

619 -[no]flipx
620 -[no]flipy
622 Flip (mirror) the game screen either horizontally (-flipx) or
623 vertically (-flipy). The flips are applied after the -rotate and
624 -ror/-rol options are applied. The default for both of these options
625 is OFF (-noflipx -noflipy).
But when i try to edit ini files of cfg files and add


on the phone ,they get changed back. I suspect I'm doing it wrong.. I hope the phone version supports this feature?

Anyone know precisely how to use these commands?
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