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Originally Posted by Sauske View Post
To be honest, with all the other upgrades such as 16GB and sd card (meaning you can add one) + 2000 mAh battery + Embedded Sim (Oversea) + Kickstand...I don't mind those pineholes not being there! IMO!
guys seriously LMAO stop with the SIM = overseas stuff! we don't need false rumors flying around, i'm trying reallllllly hard to squash this bug but i will rehash anyway

the SIM is for LTE ONLYYYYYY it will NOT provide GSM signal, the radios are NOT present. the SIM ONLY has LTE data on it. think of it like this, the SIM card is like a MicroSD card that tells the phone how to use networks, the one in the EVO ONLY tells the phone about LTE, it has no idea what GSM is or how it works... you will NOT get this phone to work overseas
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