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Originally Posted by gingerkiller View Post
so far it has not shut down today so I guess the update did help. But it still is slow. When I am saying slow is when I try to open a app or text it takes a few seconds. Also do u guys have problems with the touch screen when trying to view a website it never puts me where I tap it to. I seen my friends Iphone and whenever he opens a website the phone automatically sizes it to fit the screen perfectly witch I like allot. I am just upset with the phone because it worked so good the first month and then just like all the other androids I had it starts working slow.

A few seconds? Really? lol

This is a phone not a computer. Well, it is "kinda" a computer lol Granted Anything more than 5 seconds would be considered "slow" but i've never seen any lag when opening apps. Or if there is lag i've never noticed it as being slow per say. Unless it's angry birds, that takes a while to load.

If your ONLY problem is that your apps take a second or two longer to load, I would say you need to be EXTREMELY grateful.
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