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Originally Posted by markwelch View Post
I definitely think that a screen protector is essential for the A200. Here's what I wrote in my review of one maker's product (Fosmon Crystal Clear Screen Protector Shield for Acer Iconia Tab A200 - 5 Pack) on Amazon:
First, it's important to acknowledge that the Iconia A200 is absolutely unusable without a screen protector; within a few minutes using the device without a screen protector, my fingerprints were everywhere on the screen, creating a huge visual distraction. But if you've used any touchscreen device, you probably already know this.

I spent nearly an hour with the Fosmon screen protectors, and I'm glad I bought a five-pack because otherwise I never would have been certain that it's the product itself that's frustrating and not just my efforts.

The problem (as mentioned in other reviews for the 1- and 3-pack) is that these appear to be cut with extraordinary precision, so there is absolutely zero room for any type of mistake. And you must get it right the first time, because if you lift & reposition the screen protector, you WILL pick up some dust particulate which will be very obvious once you've finished applying the screen protector.

I've just finished applying the FOURTH of the five screen protectors, and I've decided that this is the best result I'm going to get: only one visible dust particle embedded in a spot just outside the viewable screen, plus several spots that just can't be scraped away. I had to throw away the first two screen protectors because I ended up positioning the screen protector upside-down (there's a tiny circle cut out for the camera, and if you install the product as instructed, it will only work if the device is facing AWAY from you), and an added problem is that the circle isn't actually punched out, so when you position the screen protector, the little circle slides under the screen protector, requiring that you lift it to remove the little circle.

I worried that the tremendous pressure required with the cardboard applicator to remove air bubbles might actually damage the tablet's screen or its internals, but so far there's no sign of damage.

Each time I tried to install the product, there was always one edge that was "off" -- visually I couldn't see it, no matter how close I looked, but the air pockets wouldn't dissipate because the edge was just over the lip/edge. I repositioned carefully several times, until eventually there were too many dust particles embedded, and I had to throw away another screen protector.

I finally surrendered: there will always be one edge that isn't quite right, so there will be air bubbles.

If you do buy this product, don't follow the instructions! Instead, start your positioning efforts on the "tiny circle" for the camera -- make sure you remove the entire circle (both masks plus the screen protector itself) before you start applying it onto the tablet, and carefully position the circle centered perfectly (perfectly, perfectly, perfectly) over the camera hole and with the top edge aligned perfectly (perfectly, perfectly, perfectly) with the top edge of the device. Remember that unless you have a semiconductor-quality "clean room," you'll only get ONE chance to apply the screen protector without dust particles getting embedded (be practical, as I was, and just buy a multi-pack, knowing that you'll end up using several "to learn with."

I honestly don't know if other screen-protector products are better or worse for this device, but I wish the instructions had been much more detailed, had mentioned the need to position over the camera, and had warned that a minimum of 10-15 minutes would be required to install the screen protector (if everything goes well).
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