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Default why not enhance and THEN evolve?

someone told me NOT to enhance the card before evolving it, but wouldn't it be smarter to enhance it as much as possible before each evolution. Because once you evolve, everything goes back to 1.
I tested it out and i evolved two skeletons (without enhancing) and the stats were 200 atck and 300 defense.
Then, I enhanced a skeleton. THEN i evolved the skeleton i enhance, and the stats of THAT evolved card was 210 attack and 325 defense.
So the way I figure is if I enhance a card as much as possible, and then EVOLVE that card. I can start all over with the 2nd evolution, and it will be stronger. Then by the time I get to the max evolution, it will be stronger opposed to if I did not enhance it at all?
If someone retorts this, please explain as detailed as you can as to WHY I should wait until its max enhancement before evolving. and find me on rage of bahamut, my name is leegotti.
Thanks and good luck.
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