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Originally Posted by funkpod View Post
thank you! SO, from what i can gather...

i can't really "harm" my phone during the actual rooting process, using unrevoked 3.22.

Like, it might not work the 1st time, but there is no real danger of bricking my phone during the root process, correct? there is always that "slight" chance,but this process using unrevoked 3.22 and some adb commands to change the misc image, the likelyhood of damaging your phone beyond repair are slim to none.

most of the dangers come from flashing a ROM that isn't working right, or messing up the flashing process, correct? or a bad radio ROM, etc? correct. sometimes partitions can get damaged and repair can be complicated to impossible,but 99% of the time an unrecoverable phone comes from a bad hboot or radio flash. biggest thing you can do to protect your phones internal partitions are check md5s of everything you download. i personally believe amon recovery to be a lil safer than clockwork,but thats just my opinion. making sure to verify your files by checking md5s is your top defense.

Most of the time, the common problems are boot loops, and they are easy enough to fix, right? flashing back to the original ROM, the stock HTC 2.3.4 ROM will fix it, right? correct. those are the most common issues,along with simply "hangning" at a splash screen,and occasionally booting to a non-working,unfunctional rom. all are easily repaired by restoring a backup,or flashing a new rom,or in some extreme cases,running an RUU.

and bricking, in actual usage means that it's messed up enough that it just lies there on your desk like a brick, right? so actual bricking is not common, right? correct

so the actual part about rooting, I don't need to worry about so much, right? am i missing anything out? correct. and no,i cant really think of anything you are missing. just download everything,get organized,gl slow and make sure outputs match by looking at my adb session. if you do get goofed up,dont panic,we havent lost one in this thread yet
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