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Originally Posted by nglauer View Post
Hello, new here and am having some issues with my Continuum. It now has the Froyo 2.2 and will not connect to my computer via PDAnet or Tether. Whenever I hook my phone up via USB it shows that the adb driver isn't installed and doesn't recognize my phone.

I have windows 7, 64 bit. This phone was a replacement phone verizon sent me.. so i hadn't tried PDAnet on it.. however my previous Continuum worked fine. I tried to upload the newest version of PDAnet, and even tried another one called Tether.

Junefabrics told me to download Samsung Kies, and download an updated driver from Samsungs site... neither work. My phone won't connect to the computer via Samsung Kies either.

I'm sure i'm missing something simple, but this is my first Android phone... and i'm pretty new to this. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I would love to keep my continuum instead of updating to a newer phone (atleast from a money standpoint lol). I was also told that if I upgraded I would lose my unlimited data.

Thank you again for any help! It is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
First, lets debunk a myth. Upgrading will NOT cause you to lose unlimited data. That is a rumor started by the misinformed.
Now, your issue. With your phone unplugged, go to settings/usb settings, and see what it is set on. I'd bet its on charge only. Is do, it needs to be on "ask on connect" or "mass storage"
Next (whatever you wee set on, oor are set on, now) go to.settings/applications/development and check "usb debugging".
Finally, I would make sure the drivers you have installed are from the samsung site doing a model number search (i400 is our model number). I've found kris drivers to be generic and unreliable for our phone.
Hope this helps.
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