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Originally Posted by 94q45t View Post
There's an update on another site that shows a June release date. It had some interesting details in the specs section that was more complete than before. I'm too new to publish links yet, but if I could, it would look like this:
but would have .net following pdadb. What's interesting for me is that is shows an analog radio receiver. Maybe no one else cares, but it's an important feature for me. I'm a runner and not one phone I have tried can maintain a data connection for a complete run, so the FM simulator apps are worthless.
So, according to pdadb.(net)/index.php?m=specs&id=3379&c=motorola_atrix_3_mb886 , the motorola phone that's coming out in April is the Atrix 3, NOT the Fighter. Conveniently, however, it's using the same picture (which is a Droid form-factor), so I doubt that is very accurate.

My bet is that the Fighter is either coming out on April 12th, or it's going to be announced then(or announced that it's been pushed back, as someone already mentioned ). According to the dates on the initial screenshot leak, the phones were all released within 1-3 days of then, so let's hope for this week!

To access the page, remove the ( ) around .net. Can't post outside links yet
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