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Originally Posted by funkpod View Post
thanks the only tough part is that i am on a mac, (no jokes, haha), and the session will be slightly different, right? thanks for the advice though, i think i'll try this tonight...
correct. hopefully ginskellas directions will help you with the mac-specific adb commands

Originally Posted by gutte169 View Post
I'm having quite a bit of trouble rooting my inc 2.3.4 (thought it would be a lot easier). I had numerous hang-up problems while using revoked, namely that I was continuously getting stuck at "waiting for reboot". I tried a lot of different things (updating drivers, uninstalling dropbox, etc.) and I eventually got to ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0 (not sure how it eventually worked). However, SuperUser is not in my apps drawer, and I am unsure how to progress.

Thanks in advance.
check post#1269

Originally Posted by funkpod View Post
hey, i get that low storage notification, and it's still there... do i need to try and get the Low Storage Notification off of my phone before rooting? Unrevoked has a warning that if my phone is not working perfectly, it could ruin phone. just checking.
lol prolly most folks whove used the guide have had low space errors

Originally Posted by KingScilla View Post
Hey guys I'm new here. just signed up actually. mainly thanks to this badass sticky! thanks to everyone!
Well my question is for scotty85...
I'm all good right now, completed all of the steps, but I was hoping you could give me a tip on where to go from here. I'm looking for a mod to all around improve my inc(obviously), but wanna focus on battery life, texting, and internet as I use them the most. I tried messing around with it on my own and it blew up in my face! had to start ALL over. so now I'm kinda apprehensive. if you could just point me to the "roms", "kernals" etc that would best suit my needs and with a little direction to how to install it all I'd gladly give you a tip! beats spending another 20 dollars on a card reader, and a new microSD...

BTW, I had incredible HD XL when my droid crapped out last time. I liked it, but I think I messed up the process some how...
sorry,the inc hasnt been my daily driver for awhile now,and im a bit out of touch with the available roms/kernels.

i personally like to run AOSP or "desensed" roms when possible,so i would check out cm7,wich is pretty stable,or even some cm9 based roms. tho be forwarned once youve tasted ICS its hard to go back to GB

the guys in the forum should definately be able to help you find a good rom/kernel combo. alot of it is just trial and error,to find something that works good for you,on your phone

Originally Posted by funkpod View Post
okay, cleared lots of stuff, no more low storage warning...

plugged it in, clicked OK, (it was on the warning message).

then... i get this screen. doesn't seem to be doing anything...

is this normal? what should i do?

my phone seems to be acting normal, i just sent myself a text, and i heard the notification, and i can interact w/ unrevoked 3.22, like, i can click file, and click open...
no idea.... sorry. not sure if thats something related to being on a mac,or drivers,or what. maybe PM ginskella or post a topic in the forum about running unrevoked on a mac.

the other options,that i can think of are:
1)borrow a windows laptop or PC
2)you could try the "htc supertool" in place of unrevoked,tho it will not install a recovery
3)you can use the "zergRush" directions in post 2,wich do not utilize unrevoked,or any other rooting programs. only disadvantge is that you wont be able to install a recovery and make a backup,nor will you be able to use titanium to backup app data.

sorry i cant be of more help than that,i dont know anything about macs.
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