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Default [ROM] Number Two (#2) v3.0.1 {ZVE}

Number Two (#2) Flash at YOUR own risk!!!
for the LG-MS910~Esteem

The Settings provided with ROM currently BREAK BlueTooth, so if you use BT, you MUST flash the fix found in link below ROM

Rom Build:

Rom Base:
--Stock_2.3.4_ZVE; De-Odex'd


Rom Includes:

~Root + SU
~Power Menu Options[reboot, recovery & screenshot (Thanks mtmichaelson)
~Holo Launcher
~Alarm Droid
~AOSP Lockscreen
~Safely de-bloated system
~Build.prop & Init.d tweaks
~Updated LG Keyboard (from LG Connect)
~Updated smart-share (from LG Connect)
~Updated Boot Logo Animation (from LG Optimus 3D-ish)
~Updated 'hosts' file (add-blocker)


~Themed SystemUI, framework etc..
~Modified statusbar layout (Thanks mtmichaelson & Fuzzy)
~Modified Mms, LG-Contacts, Dialer/Phone, Music, Settings etc..
---(With much help from ShinySide, Fuzzy & VSuperUserV)
~Custom background for most apps
~Centered statusbar notification titles
~Removed 'headset' icon
~Added extra Media volume steps
~Transparent statusbar MOD
~Removed Privacy/factory reset from settings
~Extra screen time-outs (Thanks V SuperUser V)
~ICS swipe to clear
~Spinner smoothness
~Smooth scroll tweak (Thanks Shiney)
~Adhoc Networks Patch (Thanks NeoSabin)
~Flashlight MOD (thanks Fuzzy & VSuperuserV)
~Mms MOD (Thanks ShinySide)
~ICS Settings/statusbar MOD

*these apps come installed to data by default, so you have the choice to delete them in "settings/applications/manage applications" if you dont want them!

-DSP Manager
-File Manager
-Alarm Droid
-Wireless Tether

{Thanks to all the other modders out there who provided these guides}


Download Links:

NOTE: WIPE DATA!!!! Just Do It

NumberTwo (#2) v3.0.1 - Comes with THEMED Settings.apk, flash file below for BT Fix
(Since its still a port, im going to call it BETA untill im absolutely sure there's no issues )

BT Fix Settings - IF you use BlueTooth, you MUST flash this after the ROM

Check ChangeLog for update details at bottom of OP.

Lock Screens: (these are ALL flashable in CWM)
[These are specifically for ROM #2 ONLY, because they include framework apk's that may not be compatable with other Rom's]

Stock Lock 1

Stock Lock 2

AOSP Lock 1

AOSP Lock 2

~~~~~~ S1 ~~~~~~ |~~~~~~ S2 ~~~~~~ |~~~~~~ A1 ~~~~~~ |~~~~~~ A2 ~~~~~~



~The battery tweaks provided are only to help save battery when NOT using your device, i cannot stop the battery drain from streaming videos and browsing web..

~If you flash a theme over this rom, 99% of the time the framework will be changed and no-longer considered part of the rom, so most issues should be directed towards the 'THEME' thread and NOT this 'ROM' thread

Links: (All Updated 9-12-12)

~THE Battery Calibration Method

~Battery Saving Tips - few tips on saving your battery life

~Add-Ons thread - many useful add-ons for all esteem roms including swype, boot sound & wallpapers

Flashing Instructions:

*The installer-script is set to format system, cache & dalvik cache

1.Download ROM & save to your sd card.

2.Boot into recovery mode (CWM) and backup current ROM

3.Wipe Data, Cache & Dalvik Cache (Data not required, but greatly recomended)

4.Flash, wait till finished then reboot system

5.Patiently let the rom boot up for first time, wait till screens goes to sleep before set-up

6.After setting up Device & Accounts, reboot device once more

Video tutorial of installing #2 [Thanks to jburt]
LG Esteem | Number two (#2) ROM for ZVD - YouTube

Whats working:

All the good stuff...

* items with this tick mark mean these work with the provided kernel + Rom/Theme, if you flash a new kernel OR THEME and any of these break it is NOT my fault/problem

**Experimenting with settings.apk theme sometimes breaks bluetooth

Whats not working:

Please let me know if you have issues with any of these features...

Screen Shots: v2.6 +

Boot Animation:



-screenshot fix
-added my metro (again)

ChangeLog continued...

~It's only impossible if you stop to think about it!!
Donate Link - If you like/appreciate my work, feel free to donate

Site Rules & Guidelines and Android FAQ's
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