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hey! okay, this is what happened last night when rooting my phone w/ these directions,

[HOW TO] Fix the "Low on space" problem (in plain English) - xda-developers,

basically the first part of the directions here. i'll post this in case it happens to anyone else, so that they know what to do. and don't freak out, like i did, cuz i'm a noob.

i followed the directions for rooting, Step 8. i was doing the directions for 2.3.4.
after i clicked "OK," to root (DON'T unplug your phone and replug your phone when you see the warning screen, btw. that will mess up unrevoked. I am using 3.22, btw. just start the process over again from the beginning if you do.)

i waited and waited, like... 10 minutes? maybe not even that. you see Unrevoked go through a bunch of notifications and techno-mumbo-jumbo.

after that, unrevoked 3.22 said "done." however, when i looked at my phone, it was this strange screen that was black, had Turquoise Blue menu options up at the top, and white script on the bottom. There was this error message...

"clockworkmod revovery v5.0.2.0 (other stuff...)
wating for sd card to mount (other stuff...)
sd card mounded...
verifying sd card marker...
sd card marker not found...
checking internal sd card marker...
error verifying extendedcommand.
error processing rom manager scipt. please verify that you have ROM manager v. or higher installed
/tmp/recovery.log was copied to /sdcard/clockworkmod/recovery.log Please open ROM manager to report the issue."

i was a little worried, cuz it said ERROR! but i knew something "good" had happened, because It said Clockworkmod up (recovery?) top. after consulting my friend, he assured me that that was a good thing. i was in Recovery, and I wouldn't be in that if i was not rooted. Also, after reading the error message, it looked like it was saying simply that it could not find ROM manager. so, due to my awesome friend's suggestion, i made a back up of my current ROM, aka my current the Stock ROM, aka it's like backing up every single file and setting on your phone, from there, right in ClockworkMod Recovery.

I sat through all the back up stuff. from there, your phone reboots, and this takes a while, almost 10 minutes.

After it rebooted, I was back, baby! Stock everything showed up, all of my launcher settings and everything showed up, it was great! I proceeded to follow the directions using ROM Manager (I did have to try making a backup twice, the first gave me a permission error, but after that it was smooth sailing).

So, thank you!

I am 2.3.4 still, I haven't downgraded to 2.2 or gotten s-off yet, but i will, one day... I only just got my Rooted feet wet

NOW, if you have the low Storage Notification problem, you can try this mod. The thread i mentioned will contain information about how to fix it. it's called "" .

again, thanks for the help, hope this post helps.
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