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For me, I cannot pin down a single app. There are too many out there that perform a host of different things. Instead, I'll tell you what I downloaded and why. I have others, but they may be leaving my phone soon, as I have not found them very useful.
  • CalorieCounter by FatSecret: Barcode scan the food you just bought, and it will give you all the nutritional facts about it. You can also add it to Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack group and it will tell you how you're eating. Man, I gotta slow down on the Whoppers!
  • Backgrounds: I never like the same image, so this is a great app. You can scan through a list of wallpapers created/formatted for the G1 and mix things up.
  • Compass: Okay, so I never really NEED this, but it is so cool to use. Pretty self-explanatory app.
  • Where: Great for road trips. Uses your location to determine where to find things in the area.
  • Ultimate Stopwatch: There are several stopwatches out there. This is the one that was graphically appealing and did the job.
  • Ringdroid: If you like music for your ringtones, this is definitely a must have app. You can take snippits of your favorite parts of the song and make it into a ringtone. Also has the capability of assigning the ringtone to the contact while in the software.
  • imeem Mobile: Streaming music client. I have a couple that I use. This is a recent download, and so far I like it.
  • Linda File Manager 1.2.10: Great for managing files directly on your microSD card.
  • Power Manager Full: There is also a trial version of this, but I bit the bullet and spent $0.99 on the full version. This is what I would refer to as a killer app. Great functionality in managing items that you need on/off depending on your conditions. For example, I have the screen remain on when I use my phone as a GPS unit in my car, and I have the USB plugged into my 12V adapter.
  • My Tracks: If you are into running, biking, or hiking... this is the application for you. You can record tracks, download tracks from Google Maps, store waypoints... many features. Pretty awesome features.
  • My Maps editor: If you are using My Tracks, you need this.
  • Exchange By Touchdown: Unfortunate that Exchange is not natively supported on the G1, but Touchdown offers a great solution. Probably the best exchange tool I've ever used (I come from a WM6 background). It is the most expensive piece of software I purchased for my G1, and worth every penny.
  • TuneWiki: This is a just a fun piece of software. Plays songs on your phone, or streams from or ShoutCast. Additionally, downloads lyrics and presents them Karaoke style on your phone. Even more: You can click a video button to search YouTube for the video of the song. Really great!
  • Battery Widget: Places a battery icon on your desktop
  • Brightness Profiles: Quickly change your brightness settings using the desktop icon. I admit that I use this less and less now that I have Power Manager.
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